Try it or Skip it: 5 Natural Products Review

Have you ever tried switching over to a more natural regime but didn’t know where to start or what to buy? Well, here are a few products I gave a try at. A few I recommend and a few, skip it!







CLAIM: This scrub claims to be gentle enough for your skin and tough on backne with its 2% naturally derived salicylic acid.

LOVE: The 2-in-1 can easily cut off time from your cleansing routine as well as save you a few bucks.The 2% salicylic acid is perfect for acne prone skin. The product also has a very pleasant limey smell that is not too overwhelming. Lastly, your skin feels softer after just one use and it does keep those pimples at bay.

HATE: The consistency is surprisingly quite liquidy and the packaging wasn’t designed for it. Just opening the cap makes the liquid pour out. Also, although it claims to be for both your face and body, beware of using it on your face too frequently. The use of the walnut shell as a scrub makes this a little too harsh for daily use on your face, so if you have sensitive skin, be sure to use sparingly.

TRY OR SKIP? Try it!

Although it’s a little too harsh to replace a gentler daily face scrub, it still makes a great occasional scrub you can use all over your body.  The fact that i could also use it on my body and face makes it a keeper.







CLAIMS: This is an all natural, gentle and mild multipurpose cleanser that is made with saponified Shea butter. It cleanses, detoxifies, and purifies.

LOVE: It has a light pleasant citrusy scent. It cleanses well without leaving any sticky residue. Lastly, It doesn’t give your skin that tight dragged out feeling  and instead leaves skin slightly moisturized.

HATE: The consistency is very liquidy and a good amount of the product is needed to fully cleanse the body.

TRY OR SKIP? Try it!

Its one of the best natural soaps I’ve tried so far. Its doesn’t leave that tight dry feeling like some other soaps do and it smells great. The fact that it is fair trade and helps African communities as well, thats a bonus!



CLAIMS: An all natural body lotion that mantains skin elasticity, moisturizes, brightens, and stimulates collagen growth.

LOVE: It has a wonderful tropical smell that is strong enough, but not to powerful and it is quickly absorbed into the skin. Skin did look brighter and slightly tighter after a few weeks use.

HATE: The product had a very thick almost butter like consistency to it and was hard to apply. It didn’t moisturize well enough, and if your skin is very dry expect to reapply.

TRY OR SKIP? Skip it!

The product although had a fantastic smell just didn’t do well enough what it was meant to do- moisturize! With dry skin i found myself ashy by the middle of the day, not pretty, so this in a no no for me.






CLAIMS: An all natural soap that cleanses, stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles, and restores the skins PH.
LOVE: The benefit of knowing your lathering with dead sea minerals.
Hate: The soap is extremely over drying and leaves your skin feeling tight and dragged out. If you have very dry skin, continued use may even further dry out your skin and the scent isn’t very alluring.
TRY OR SKIP? Skip it!
After a few weeks of using this, my skin had became the driest it has ever been, and i was forced to part with this, once and for all.



CLAIM: This all natural aluminum-free deodorant promises 24-hour odor protection and freshness all day

LOVE: The product works surprisingly well at keeping you odor free.

HATE: Although it does keep you smelling nice, if sweating is an issue this deodorant is not for you, unless you don’t mind reapplying through out the day. Also, the ingredients in this product might cause some irritation.

TRY OR SKIP? Skip it!

This product was working extremely well for me, which was a surprise since i suffer from heavy perspiration, but I didn’t mind having to reapply once in a while. It wasn’t until weeks after that I realized the deodorant was making my skin on my arm pits irritated. The skin was peeling and red, and it  was painful and uncomfortable. So, unfortunately I had to give up this one for good.


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