Reuse Your Clothes: How to Make Crop Top

What do you do when those old shirts you last wore freshman year of high school are taking up precious drawer space? One option you have is  tossing them. However, why get rid of them when there is a better alternative? Reuse them!

Instead of adding more heap to the landfills, you can cut up your shirts into a completely different design. It’s like having a new shirt, and it’s simple and inexpensive to do.

There are many designs you can create. One popular way to redesign your shirt is to cut out designs such as a skull, a cross, or a heart, on the back. You can also cut stripes, make a fringe  at the bottom, or even turn your T-shirt into a tank.

Another alternative is making a crop top. Here is how to make a simple crop top out of your old T-shirts.

What you need



-an old T-shirt


1. First, cut the bottom of your shirt. Usually cutting the bottom third of your shirt should be an ideal length, but feel free to cut the shirt to whatever length your prefer.

2. Next, cut the collar. You want to cut an inch below the original collar, or deeper if you’d like a deeper plunge.

3. Following that, you want to move on to the sleeves. Cut the sleeves following the original sleeve. Or, as before, you can go deeper depending on the look you wish to achieve.

4. After that, you want to take your chalk and draw a deeper cut to the sleeves (towards the inside). This will give it a racer back look, and is more flattering.

5. Next, cut it out,making sure you follow the chalk line that was just drawn.

6. Finally, try on your shirt and make any alterations if needed.

Ashley Arroyo a marketing junior sports a cut up shirt


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