The Mighty All-in-One

It is estimated that the average woman uses 15 to 25 cosmetic products per day, and it is not a surprise. With the limitless amount of selection to chose from when walking into a store, it is hard not to buy everything that looks appealing, even if we don’t know what it really is.

I began digging into my own shower and cabinets to see how much I myself was using, when I stumbled upon what I call the mighty all-in-one. It is the Alaffia African Black Soap ( featured in an earlier blog), a natural soap, of course. It a soap that according to the bottle

“Authentic Black Soap is an “all in one” option for cleaning, and is ideal for faces and babies, shaving, shampooing, and as a general hand & body wash. Scented with a clarifying blend of citrus essential oils. Suitable for all skin & hair types.” *the bottle also claims it can be used as general household cleaner

It is one of my favorite  products to use in the shower because it has so many uses. I use it as shampoo, soap, shave, and to wash my face. Instead of having to buy 5 different products, I just buy one $13.99 32 oz. container. There are a lot of other reasons I love these all-in-one soaps.

  1. It’s cheaper. It’s a saving on average of about $10 to $15
  2. It’s convenient. It has multiple uses, and when traveling this makes packing toiletries a lot easier.
  3. It’s shaves time off the shower. Since these soaps are a shampoo, face wash, shave, and body wash you can do everything all at once.
  4. It saves cabinet/shower room. One bottle, not 5, enough said.
  5. You save water. Taking a shorter time in the shower means more water for the fishies!
  6. If it not natural, you still get the benefit of trimming some chemicals out of your daily routine, since you are not using so many different products.

Alaffia isn’t the only makers of this mighty product. Here are other brands that make similar natural products.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soaps


Lush Shower Gels

Happy Hippy: Shiny Happy People

C.O. Bigelow Peach Nut Oil Cleanser – No. 022

C.O. Bigelow Peach Nut Oil Cleanser - No. 022

When first starting to use an mutli-purpose soap it can be a little strange. I mean after all using your shampoo to wash your face isn’t the usual. Here is how to properly use the these soaps to get the best results.

Some of these products such as Dr.Bronners Castille Soap are very concentrated, and it is recommended to dilute with water for best results. 


These types of soap are usually a gentle, more mild cleanser compared to your regular shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. So, if you are prone to greasy scalp it is important you shampoo more regularly.

To shampoo, apply a quarter sized amount and foam it in between your palms. Rub on to your scalp. Although it will foam, it probably won’t sud as much as your use too, so just work the product into your scalp using the tip of your fingers, and then work through the rest of you hair. Adjust the amount as needed until your scalp feels clean, and then rinse.


These mild cleansers are perfect for your skin. Apply on a loofah or directly on your skin, and then rinse.


Apply a good amount, about a quarter size, of  product on to the area to be shaved and work into a creamy lather. Make sure you have enough lubrication on your skin to avoid razor burn, so remember to use a substantial amount. Shave. Rinse.


Ran out of handwash no worry just use these handy all- in- ones. Work into a lather in your palms and rinse.


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