2-Ingredients All-Over Super Moisturizing Cream

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SAM_6468With winter basically here, it’ll be no time before the slathering of thick heavy creams, lotions, and potions begins. The cause of dry skin is a lack of sebum production, and skin becomes especially susceptible to “drying up” during this time because of harsh weather conditions. No bueno for the skin!

But there is no need to buy expensive body and face lotions when you can make a luxuriously hydrating lotion with your own hands and a little help from me. The best part? It only takes two ingredients( or more depending on what you prefer) that you probably already have.  So let’s begin.

What you’ll need:

 photo ffc9ec6d-9a97-4689-96dc-c2a1e233322a_zpsf227df7c.jpg

  • Empty container (I used an old candle container- upcycle, yay!)
  • Spoon for mixing.
  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil (this can be replaced with extra virgin olive oil, it’s just as moisturizing and not as expensive.)


  • Extra virgin olive oil (you can add this in addition to argan oil)

*recommended for extremely dry skin types

  • 5-30 drops of essential oil blend or essential oil ( for scent)

*amount depends how strong of a scent you want


There are two ways of doing this. Here are your options:

 photo 0810b32a-df85-40ff-8b58-4fd1a31fad94_zpsc9a9b818.jpg

Option 1

Mix all ingredients together in bowl with a clean spoon until all
ingredients are fully blended together and the
cream is to the  consistency of your liking

 photo b9178f7c-e41e-4e75-a7b8-1c0c0369647c_zps63c76ee7.jpg

Option 2

If you want it perfectly blended:

  1. melt all carrier oils (not essential oils) in a pot on a stove on medium heat.
  2. turn off heat and with a spoon mix carrier oils for about 30 seconds
  3. optional- add essential oils and mix for another 30 seconds
  4. pour into container and let it cool down

Use this cream liberally on face, body, feet…everywhere! In very cold temperatures cream may freeze, giving the mixture a very solid form. Not to worry- your body’s heat melts it to the touch. However, if you are planning to use this cream during the summer be careful because the coconut oil will melt.

 photo 2e71cfb1-12d3-4bef-8408-fa6b52400836_zps70f3dba6.jpg

A Note on Adding Essential Oils

Start off with a few drops gradually increasing until you’ve reached desired scent strength. Try not to exceed 30 drops with this recipe. Thirty drops of essential oil is the max amount of drops for 20mL with 5 percent dilution. So, to sum it up, keep essential oils to a minimum. Don’t go crazy! More to come on essential oils.

 photo aaacd908-6514-452f-9788-7318d44169c1_zpscc665462.jpg photo 1bb5180f-7bdd-4c9b-ae02-72611c6c32de_zps4059745e.jpg


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