Day 2

I can’t wear short sleeved shirts. I refuse. You see, I have a sweat problem. So, since the day  puberty decided to accompany me in life, deodorant has been as close to me as a friend. But a while back while I was on the frenzy trying to make all my own toiletries at home I decided it was time to say good bye to my long time companion. It was one of the last things I decided to give up.

So, I made my own deodorant. I scoured online for recipes and mixed a batch of baking soda, coconut oil and some clay… and it worked. I didn’t sweat excessively, and I didn’t smell (most of the time, only reapply to clean pits, learned that the hard way). I had finally found a natural solution that was better than my old chemical laden friend. But, it all ended. A few weeks into the process I began to notice my pits were darkening, and they burned. I continued using my creation thinking it was a temporary reaction; it only got worst. I had to stop using it, for the sake of my arm pits, and that was the end of that. I later read that using to much baking soda can cause irritations. Had that been the culprit the whole time?

Well, a few days ago I decided to give it another go. I grabbed my cauldron (not really, it was a pot) and mixed me a batch of deodorant this time with a measured amount of  organic baking soda. It’s only been my second day but so far so good. I even had a sweaty sesh at the gym with success. I’m hoping that this time it works out, but I will keep y’all posted on how it goes. If it does go well I’ll make sure to share my oh so coveted recipe with you lovely folks. So keep an eye out, it may be coming soon!


Day 3

There’s a heat wave in California right now but my underarms are nice, dry and odorless. So far so good.


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