I’ve Moved!!!

I’ve Moved!!!

In order to deliver better, more streamlined post I have moved to Blogger for the meantime. Follow my new blog Ria the Free Spirit for more!


2-Ingredients All-Over Super Moisturizing Cream

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SAM_6468With winter basically here, it’ll be no time before the slathering of thick heavy creams, lotions, and potions begins. The cause of dry skin is a lack of sebum production, and skin becomes especially susceptible to “drying up” during this time because of harsh weather conditions. No bueno for the skin!

But there is no need to buy expensive body and face lotions when you can make a luxuriously hydrating lotion with your own hands and a little help from me. The best part? It only takes two ingredients Continue reading

The Mighty All-in-One

It is estimated that the average woman uses 15 to 25 cosmetic products per day, and it is not a surprise. With the limitless amount of selection to chose from when walking into a store, it is hard not to buy everything that looks appealing, even if we don’t know what it really is. Continue reading

Try it or Skip it: 5 Natural Products Review

Have you ever tried switching over to a more natural regime but didn’t know where to start or what to buy? Well, here are a few products I gave a try at. A few I recommend and a few, skip it!

Continue reading